Board of Directors

Fourrteen dedicated leaders consitute the Board of Directors. The group represents an array of talents, experience, and interests, but with one key passion in common - Foothills Alliance.


Executive Committee Members


Faith A. Line, Chair


Ginger Eaton, Vice-Chair

Leanne Vaughn, Secretary

Elli Walters, Treasurer

Board of Directors


Dee Dee Waters, Past Chair


Dr. Matthew Pray


Dr. Ron Sconyers


Louis (Lou) Leffler


Sunny Wells


Marilyn Allen


Father David Randolph


Jan Verbeck


Dr. Gowdihami Mohan



We're always looking for more members. If interested in serving on our Board of Directors, please contact Tracy at (864) 231-7273.

216 E. Calhoun Street, Anderson, SC 29621
864-231-7273 or (800) 585-8952